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The General Assembly & GWI Day

General Assembly 2019 | Conference 2019 | Speakers

GWI 33rd Triennial General Assembly (GA) and GWI Day

25 & 26 July 2019

In the spirit of collegiality, friendship and mutual respect, we invite you - delegates and NFA members - to the GA, where you can make a positive difference to the organization.

The GA is integral to deliberations, discussions and decisions about GWI’s membership, structure, governance and longer- term identity and purpose.

The GA will meet over two days to:

  • Receive reports from the Board and Executive Director on scope of work, budget performance, audits and overall accomplishments
  • Hear from the Finance, Bina Roy Partners in Development, International Fellowships, Education and Membership Committees
  • Discuss and adopt resolutions that reinforce GWI’s policy positions
  • Hear from our UN representatives from New York, Geneva, Paris and Vienna
  • Meet the candidates and elect a new Board and Committees
  • Approve the budget for the next triennium
  • Welcome new Affiliates

A draft Agenda for the 33rd Triennial General Assembly will be sent by the Board, to all NFAs, six months before the date of the GA and NFAs will be invited to submit Agenda items at least four months before the date of the GA. A final Agenda will be circulated to the NFAs at least two months before the date of the GA.

The Rules of Procedure for each triennial General Assembly will be circulated in advance by the Board.

“GWI Day” (28 July 2019)

“GWI” Day activities personify the vision of our Founding Mothers: graduate women who through friendship and mutual respect can work across country borders to advance human rights.

Today more than ever before, the world needs an organization that transcends country borders to unite women in a common cause. GWI with NFAs in 54 + countries is such an organization.

A renowned Futurist will guide us through a changing global landscape and will help us understand how we can renew our relevance in changing social, economic and political times.

Regional, Counterpart and Committee meetings will strengthen our organizational structures, bring clarity to how we can operate more effectively and offer new opportunities for collaboration across country borders.

“GWI Day” is an essential for the growth and development of GWI and all of its NFAs.