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Conference 2019

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The Peace through Education Conference (27 July 2019)

Education is human right, and the first right to be violated during wars and conflict, and their aftermath. Women and girls in particular experience conflict in different ways from men because of deep-rooted gender inequalities. The targeting of women and girls by armed forces further exacerbates the situation.

Today, only eleven countries in the world are free of conflict and the UNHRC estimates that there are 22 million refugees, 65.6 million forcibly displaced persons and 10 million stateless people.

Education and Gender Equality are key to building and maintaining peace.

Workshops, Panel Discussions and Seminars respond to one or more of the five sub-themes:

1. How can education of women and girls, prevent conflicts and transform societies?

2. How can curricula grow and change to bring about a culture of peace?

3. What does it mean to live in a connected world, two-thirds of which are in conflict and how does conflict impact on our daily lives?

4. How can young professionals be empowered to understand and make connections between education, gender issues and their personal and professional success?

5. How can graduate women work at the intersection of education, peace, advocacy and action to influence local, national and global policies?

An important aspect of this forum is the opportunity to: Learn about the work that is underway at the intersection of Education, Gender Equality, Peace and Development; Foster relationships with UN agencies and other organisations within International Geneva and Participate and support this work in our respective countries.